Marauder Tea Blend Giveaway

So, as some of you may know, my girlfriend and I made tea blends on Adagio for the Marauders from Harry Potter (she did the art, I blended the teas). Since I have extra Frequent Cup Points, I’m going to give away one of these blends, of the winners choice. 

The options are: 





Lily Evans


  • I’d like you to be following me but you don’t have to.
  • Reblogs only, likes do not count. 
  • This giveaway will end September 1, at midnight eastern time. 
  • Unfortunately I can only ship inside the US because international shipping costs too much. 
  • Your ask box needs to be open so I can notify you, otherwise I’ll pick someone else. Then the winner has 24 hours to get back to me. 

As a disclaimer, this giveaway has nothing to do with and is not endorsed by tumblr in any way. 

Please do not delete any text. 

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I’m debating deleting all my posts and restarting this blog. Thoughts?

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Tame Your Tea Tea Storage


My tea storage is organized by type. Each box is a brand of tea. The Walkers short bread tin and the white shoe box hold my Adagio teas, including all of my Harry Potter Marauders signature fandom blends. The blue box on top with the Arthurian Legend books holds a one person teapot. The tins to the side are stray teas I’ve picked up at different stores. Up on the top are my bagged teas, though I don’t have many of those. Then on the bottom, I have a few cups and my matcha whisk. 

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Arthur Kirkland is the kind of guy you don’t really want to invite to your parties but you do anyway so he won’t make vague, upset-sounding posts every five seconds on facebook.

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"Well, they pick the grown leaves off bushes. Then they’re prepared in various ways to get various types of tea. Then, like your tea, we pour hot water on the leaves and let them infuse." she most certainly needed to get some of this odd world’s odd teas, "Your powder sounds like a type of tea in our world called matcha, except the whole tea plant is powdered. I don’t particularly like matcha compared to other teas, but my brother enjoys it sometimes." 


"Oh.. how interesting. I never thought you could make tea from leaves. Do you hear that Elphie?" Glinda asked her wife and Elphaba nodded, she found the difference interesting, but she didn’t exactly care about the tea. She was more interested in other things. "I hear it, my sweet." She humored her wife. "I wish I could try your tea."


"Well, once I get home, I can determine how I got here in the first place, and maybe I could send some back, or take some back to you. Once I know the backbone of the spellwork, it should be fairly simple…"

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"I didn't actually think you'd do it." either muse both would be quite angsty
- smokinhotscots

~circa 16th-17th century~

"You shouldn’t have underestimated me," Arthur said as his hand slid around the weapon to begin filling it with another bullet. His eyes were deadened, indifferent to the sight of his brother’s bloody hand, "Now I will ask you one final time, before the second bullet goes somewhere a little less…damaging. Where. Is. It." Arthur wasn’t yelling, of course not. Yelling, losing his temper, gave Ian control. Arthur couldn’t do that. No, instead he kept almost too calm. It didn’t matter if Ian actually knew where it was or not, torturing for information was almost as fun as torturing as punishment, and now he had firearms to play with it was especially a treat. 

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Arthur's old age

Britain: *writing down some stuff* BLOODY HELL
Canada: what happened?
Britain: My wrist started to hurt really bad
America: Hey Matt, I think he has...... Arthur-ritis
Canada: ..................
Britain: you are no longer welcome in this family Alfred.
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*a drunken Arthur is going to appear on Ian's door because really how long did any of them expect his decision to stop drinking for the girls last* *his tolerance hasn't gotten any better either, if anything it's growing worse with age*
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-which is funny cause the man with the good tolerance actually hasn’t had a single drop since their birth.- 

-sighs and tries to grab the man around the waist hoping he was too drunk to put up a fight.- 

*okay* *That’s what I figured, though I have them situated about an hour’s drive from London because little girls and countryside manor are much safer than little girls and city traffic* *the girls are just staying at Alice’s house then, which would be a few miles away just in case and for babysitting uses*

Why should I listen to you? I don’t have to lay on the damn couch if I don’t want to dammit. *gets up, almost tripping over himself* 

-that sounds lovely.- 

because if ye don’ listen ta me I’ll tie ye ta the bed. -pushes Arthur back onto the couch.- 

Kinky. *drags him down with him* 

Oh shove it, ye great twit. 

-grumbles before smirking and holding him close.- 

Naaaaaah. *leans into his chest*

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Send me “I didn’t actually think you’d do it.” for my character’s mindset and reaction to having just shot yours.



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America singing to his war-torn friend England 'Your The Top' by Cole Porter to cheer him up.

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1) Give me a pairing.

2) Give me an AU setting.

3) I will write you a three-sentence fic.

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my tired headcanons

  • America can’t focus. He would like for you to repeat what you just said. Err sorry, one more time?
  • Britain is extremely grumpy. It would be wise to get away from him.
  • France doesn’t say much. He occasionally apologizes and explains that he “didn’t get enough beauty sleep the previous night”.
  • Russia tries to nonchalantly take a quick nap… but usually fails, when people approach him and ask if he is sleeping. 
  • China just wants his space. And about 5 gallons of coffee.
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Your character has got one free pass to ask my character anything, and they must answer truthfully, and afterwards my character will forget the conversation. How does your character use it?



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*walks in and taps shoulder*
- atroublesomeflower


*turns in surprise* Kiku! 


Of course we did.

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