Sort of AU history thing; in which Arthur and Antonio deal with secrets and piracy

Arthur stared out at the ocean, looking for that boat. He’d know it the moment he saw it, not from the flags, but from the ship herself, from the figurehead he’d cracked during a battle about a year ago and the familiar worn wood he’d broken many a time. Perhaps one day he’d finally sink her. Though today they were actually meeting on peaceful terms, for once. It wouldn’t last though. He was alone on his own ship, having sent his people to prepare for the battles to come. Though he’d instructed Antonio to come alone as well, he honestly didn’t believe he would. Why would the man trust him after all of this? This would certainly be interesting, to say the least. Oh, and there she was over the horizon. They’d had to meet in international waters to prevent advantages, and their boats were the only two in sight. Now it was simply a matter of waiting for his boat to get close enough that they could talk. 

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